What is true randomness?

Computers are machines that are incredibly good at doing math but due to their nature, they are very bad at being random. A computer can only manipulate numbers to make them feel random to us, so-called "Pseudo Random Numbers". Now, if you know the base state of such a pseudo random number generator, you can easily predict its outcome.

A true random number generator (TRNG) uses randomness provided by the universe itself to generate its random numbers.

How does tame.host do it?

You've surely noticed that, even in a quiet room, there is a background "hiss" in videos or audio that you record. That hiss isn't something we hear normally, but it shows up in audio recordings (especially with a lower-quality microphone). Somewhere along the way, imperfections crept into your sound.

The same is true in photography. In fact, even if you take a photo, with your lens cap on, the resulting picture won't be totally black. It might be close, but there will always be tiny imperfections: random, bright, and discolored pixels.

Technically, some amount of noise will always be in every photo. There is nothing you can do to prevent this; it is a physical property of light and photography. There are two broad types of noise in your photographs.

So called "Shot noise" is based of the fact that light emits and reflects off everything you can see, but it does not happen in a fixed pattern, and graininess is the result. For example, a very dim lightbulb may emit an average of 1000 photons per second, but each individual second will be a bit different - 986 photons, 1028 photons, 966 photons, 981 photons, 1039 photons, and so on. If you're taking a one-second long picture of this lightbulb, you won't get exactly the same result each time.

Digital noise, or electronic noise, is randomness caused by your camera sensor and internal electronics, which introduce imperfections to an image.

tame.host uses a webcam that takes a picture of a dimly lit box everytime you request a random number. This image is then used to generate truly random numbers, based on the fact that every image taken with a camera will contain random and unpredictable noise.

Example noise

Noise generated using true random numbers by tame.host

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